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Kerry Ipema is an actor, writer, podcaster and producer in New York City. Previous shows she’s written and performed are One Woman Sex and the City (off-Broadway, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, US tour, and UK Tour), Six Chick Flicks (off-Broadway, Toronto, Orlando, Edmonton, Winnipeg and upcoming US dates), and Sex Ed (Orlando and Winnipeg Fringe). She’s also toured North America with PostSecret: the Show. In New York, Kerry is the creator of Lady Bits, a theatrical fundraiser for Planned Parenthood and has performed with Woodshed Collective, Drama League, Purple Crayon Immersive, The Flea, Accomplice, UCB, and The PIT.

She is the co-host of Lifetime’s podcast Crime of a Lifetime and the podcast Truly Darkly, Creeply. | @kerryipema

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